EMDR Video Course: Two Sessions of Trauma Processing (1 EMDRIA credit)




EMDR Video Course: Two Sessions of Trauma Processing

Free Online Course (1 CE credit available for purchase)

This course consists of a seventy-three minute video of two EMDR Trauma Processing sessions. The sessions include titling on the screen that explains some of the clinical issues as they come up as well as follow-up with the clients.

Learning Objective: Participant will be able to describe the cognitive distortions that were part of the sessions they viewed and how those distortions resolved (equivalent to identifying the negative cognition and how it ceased to feel true).

While the video is available to view for free, EMDRIA credit is available for purchase. Participants who purchase EMDRIA credit will need to complete a post-test in order to receive their certificate of completion.

This course has been approved by EMDRIA for 1 hour of EMDRIA credit.


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