19th Annual EMDR

Regional Meeting

May 11, 2024

The 19th Annual EMDR Regional Meeting

will be conducted online using the Zoom platform.

10:00 am to 1:15 pm PDT

Fee: $25 

+ $20 for CE/EMDRIA credit

2024 Presenter

Susan Brown, LCSW

Journey into Hope: IFS-Informed EMDR Therapy for Addiction and Relapse Prevention

Chronic relapsing is the nemesis of addiction, leaving clients feeling demoralized, hopeless, and shameful. This intermediate to advanced 3-hour workshop is for fully trained EMDR clinicians on the integration of IFS-informed approaches within the 8 phase EMDR protocol. Videos demonstrating this integration are combined with lecture and handouts specifically focused on relapse prevention and addiction-specific targets.

About the Presenter:

Susan Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice for over 35 years in San Diego, CA. She specializes in the treatment of complex developmental trauma, addictions and other maladaptive behaviors. Her current focus is the integration of Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed processes within the EMDR therapy standard protocol. Susan was a Principal Investigator in a pilot study using an EMDR Integrated Trauma Treatment Program in an adult Drug Court. She has co-authored multiple book chapters and articles and presents specialty workshops on the application of EMDR therapy, combined with IFS elements, for this complex population. She has presented regularly at the EMDRIA conferences and has been an invited plenary and day-long pre-conference speaker. She is an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant and Basic Training Facilitator for the EMDR Institute.

Registration is open to all clinicians who have completed any part of an EMDRIA-approved basic EMDR training. 


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